...As the arduous task of deciphering the drunken idiosyncratic scrawls and near hieroglyphic tablatures proceeds, it becomes apparent that Frankenthaler's 1957 doctoral dissertation (in which she asserts that Tomcha's stubby fingers would have had to have been double-jointed in three directions in order to execute the chordal tablatures) has now been completely refuted. Here, Prof. Nawrot grapples with a fragment from the 'Estonian' period by performing a post-Schenkerian deconstruction to extract the gestalt of what will be transformed into "Nice Lice" through the process of contemporization.


...Prof. Bering painstakingly prepares an exact copy of the viola found with the remains of Tomcha & Vlasch, including beer and sauerkraut stains and cigarette burns. This copy will be used in the recordings.



Critical evaluation of data demands almost superhuman concentration. Shown here is one of eighteen auxiliary studios deployed throughout the Vancouver complex.



...Artist's rendition of the Vancouver studio built for the Tomcha & Vlasch Project as designed by Professors Bering & Nawrot.


... After the essence of the original music has been extracted, the data is flown to Berlin and downloaded to a computer originally designed to measure Brownian motion of sub-atomic particles accelerated in a supercollider. With minor modifications, including operation near absolute zero, the same computer now analyzes and "contemporizes" the raw musical data. Using progressive Euclidian interpolation and trinary bitflow algorithms, a modern version is created-which is as close as present technology can come to approximating what Tomcah & Vlasch's music would sound like if it were written by them in the 21st Century.


Photos from the German facility

Aerial view

Section of accelerator retrofitted for trinary operation

Illustrates the inferiority of binary data encoding

Data compression buffers must be replaced after every session

Technician calibrates bitflow density before every song

Expansion tanks for data overflow

Coupling tolerances must be within .0006 mm

Processing trinary data algorithms results in operational temperatures twelve times hotter than the sun

Dangerous heat levels require thermal regulators for safe operation of supercollider at near absolute zero

Once trinary data stream is
initiated it cannot be shutdown
until the terminal cadence

Cut away view of interior of the degaussing module

Artist rendition of trinary data encryption

Degaussing module must be used
between every test run



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