...This is the only existing photo of the family Vlasch abandoned when he left Poland to pursue his musical career with Tomcha.
... He later wrote that his wife, Chutka, placed a gypsy curse on him as he walked out. Whether curse or coincidence, what followed was disaster not only for Vlasch, but every woman who became romantically entangled with him.


Died of cholera

Killed by stray bullet

Abducted by Algerians

Fatal archery accident

Caused a train wreck



Perished in sadomasochist mishap

Died of smallpox

Stepped on landmine

Died of typhus

Died of pneumonia...

Discovered they were first cousins, committed suicide...

Abducted by Cossacks

Fatal equestrian accident

Left Vlasch for Tomcha,
later succumbed to consumption

Vlasch's involvement with three women in this photo resulted
in the entire band being decimated by the Spanish flu.

Struck by lightning

Abducted by Turks

Died of unknown causes





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